Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The CU TRaIL Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We strive to make the CU TRaIL an inclusive, safe, and supportive space for everyone working in or visiting the lab. We emphasize that creating and maintaining welcoming spaces that are anti-hostile is critical for both diversifying the earth sciences and ensuring that all lab members and visitors have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to our scientific and educational goals. We believe that equity, diversity, and inclusivity are both right and vital for the long-term success and relevance of the earth sciences.

Therefore, as a lab, research group, and active teaching facility, we pledge to

  1. Promote and maintain an environment free from dehumanizing behavior including, but not limited to, discrimination and harassment based on race, sex, sexual orientation, physical ability, gender expression, body size, religion, age, or ethnicity.
  2. Listen to the concerns of our group members and visitors, be open to the continual improvement of our lab policies and procedures, and be proactive in improving inclusivity in the lab.
  3. Acknowledge that being inclusive is an active process, and continually strive to educate ourselves about diversity, equity, and inclusion in both the earth sciences and in society more broadly.
  4. Use lab resources to provide research and training opportunities for students from underrepresented groups in the earth sciences.
  5. Support our lab members when they work on projects promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and science outreach.
  6. Never tolerate abusive or harassing behavior, both of which we consider to be scientific misconduct and in direct opposition to the mission of the lab.

To see some of the programs, projects, and opportunities we are working on, please visit Professor Becky Flowers’ Research Group Webpage.