TRaIL Undergraduate Directed Research Awards

The CU TRaIL has had a history of supporting undergraduates, their research experiences, and associated analytical costs since the lab’s inception in 2012. As of 2022, the lab has supported at least 27 CU-Boulder undergraduate researchers and 1 high school student researcher, as well as 6 underrepresented minority undergraduates in the RESESS (Research Experiences in Solid Earth Sciences for Students) summer internship program.

Becky and former CU undergrad Coleman Hiett discussing Rocky Mountain geology

The CU TUnDRA (TRaIL Undergraduate Directed Research Awards ) Program provides undergraduates with the opportunity to apply for up to $1000 to support analyses for their research projects in our lab. To be considered, you must:

  • Be an undergraduate who is majoring in the Dept of Geological Sciences
  • Have a project that is being mentored by a member of the Dept of Geological Sciences who is already trained in CU-TRaIL methods and will train you in the procedures needed for your project (e.g., mineral separation, mineral picking, data interpretation).

We anticipate making 3-4 TUnDRA awards per year. We encourage motivated undergraduates to also consider applying for other sources of funding to help advance their work, such as support from the CU UROP program, funds from the Dept of Geological Sciences undergraduate mentoring program, and undergraduate awards offered by different regional sections of the Geological Society of America.

Lon Abbott and former CU undergrad Noah McCorkel preparing to sample

A PDF of the application materials can be found below. Applications may be submitted at any time and should be sent by email to both:

TRaIL PI, Prof Becky Flowers
TRaIL Manager, Research Associate Jim Metcalf

Current TRaIL Undergraduates

  • Breno Araujo
  • Isaac Leb
  • Sabrina Kainz
  • Eddie Riccio

Former TRaIL Undergraduates

  • Katherine Anarde
  • Hector Camm
  • Ian Contreras
  • Anthony Cronin
  • Lane Daigle
  • Jamie Glass
  • Nicole Gonzalez
  • Emily Gregonia
  • Coleman Hiett
  • Sabrina Kainz
  • Robert Kelleher
  • Brenda Kessenich
  • Rachel Krueger
  • Isaac Leb
  • David Liefert
  • Shelby Litton
  • Melissa Lowe
  • Rayssa Martins
  • Noah McCorkel
  • Carlton Mueller
  • Ryan Nell
  • Kristin Putnam
  • Mitchell Ramba
  • Evan Schanock
  • Connor Simmons
  • Ryan Stoner
  • Matt Tello
  • Spencer Zeigler

Former TRaIL RESESS Students

  • Skye Fernandez
  • Christine Lugo
  • Haley May
  • Fatima Niazy
  • Brandt Scott
  • Wesley Weisberg