The Collegiate Peaks, taken on the way down to get some more Fish Canyon Tuff.

Links and Resources

Some resources that may be useful for users of the TRaIL facility:

Example data table – Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that shows a typical, publication-ready table of (U-Th)/He data from Stanley et al. (2015).

Example data reporting table for thermal history simulations – Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that provides an example of a thermal model input table for publication, after Flowers et al. (2015).


Flowers, R. M., Farley, K. A., & Ketcham, R. A. (2015). A reporting protocol for thermochronologic modeling illustrated with data from the Grand Canyon. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 432, 425–435.

Stanley, J. R., Flowers, R. M., & Bell, D. R. (2015). Erosion patterns and mantle sources of topographic change across the southern African Plateau derived from the shallow and deep records of kimberlites. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, 16(9), 3235–3256.